The SDGs of the reports of the italian companies – Research document n. 16

Documenti di ricerca

The document represents the first result of the study conducted by the research group “SDGs and business reporting” and aims to be the starting point of a process for corporate awareness towards sustainable development objectives.

The document reveals our country commitment on Agenda 2030; a commitment that involves the entire “Italian system” in pursuit of the 17 sustainable development goals, through the active role of Italian companies as operators. Hence, it not only creates economic value on sustainable development but also it sensitize other companies, end users and the community in general.

Although the results depict a sustainable development goals reporting in becoming and not entirely conscious, they provide inputs for entrepreneurs, directors, managers, regulators, consultants, etc. who, for various reasons, are the actors in a process of profound business change that is affecting the corporate reporting and disclosures.

The document provides, in this context, useful hints to a better understanding the new corporate reporting direction; indeed, reporting is increasingly affected by an accountability process and responsibility towards both internal and external stakeholders.